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Stealth Grow Box

Stealth Grow Dresser
Stealth Grow Dresser
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Stealth Grow Dresser
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29" H x 15" D x 28" W

The grow dresser resembles a fully functional dresser and comes with a 240w LED grow light and everything needed to grow 8 plants from seed to harvest. The grow dresser is for growers who want their garden to blend in with surrounding furniture and not stick out. This system is made with European style hinges which are not visible from the outside of the grow box. Every effort has been taken on our part to make this the most stealthy grow system currently available for sale in the USA.

Plug It In, Plant The Seed, and GROW

*Door opens and closes from the front

*Two ventilation fans installed exhaust and intake

*Raise and lower the 240w LED as needed with the hang kit

*Sturdy design allows for heavy items to be set on dresser

*Resembles fully functional dresser

*100% mylar interior increases growth rates significantly

*Easy odor control with included odor gel and air filter

*Everything needed to grow up to 8 plants, just plug it in

Grow Dresser Highlights- The grow dresser comes with a 240w High Intensity grow light which is extremely effective for both the veg stage and flowering stages of plant growth. No more worrying about changing the bulb during the veg and flowering stage, this light is primed to take your plants through both stages of growth with powerful results.

The Following Items Are Included With The Grow Dresser:

240 watt High Intensity Grow Light- The 240w grow light is designed and built by Skunk LED, a company in the USA specializing in LED grow lights. Recent testing shows that high powered LEDs like this one are surpassing 600w and 1000w HPS grow lights at overall plant growth and production due to their ability to give off only usable light spectrums for photosynthesis. LEDs give off little heat, which allows your plants to get closer to the light where it is most powerful. LED grow boxes can also be easily rigged to use CO2 since the ventilation fans can be turned off without it becoming too hot for the plants. We only use LED grow lights designed and engineered in the USA, and we do not use cheap Chinese knockoffs. Our grow lights come with a one year warranty so you can rest assured we will take care of you long after the sale.

Soil/Nutrients/Container Package- Quality soil is the most important factor for a successful grow. Fox Farm soil is premixed with all necessary elements including perlite which allows oxygen to reach the root system for healthier plants. We also include square containers which stack next to each other and utilize all available space for root development. Round containers waste valuable space because they do not stack together. The more room your plants have to develop a root system, the more they will yield. We also include vegetative and flowering nutrients to further increase yields. The soil package includes the following items:

*Four Bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

*Eight 4inch square containers

*Eight seed starter cubes

*General Hydroponics Grow and Bloom nutrients

Light Timer- A light timer will turn the lights on and off at user specified intervals. Since plants require a period of darkness to begin producing flowers, a timer is necessary to regulate this.

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