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You can now grow your own plant matter very easily and quickly for yourself and your friends in our grow box systems. Our complete grow systems include everything you need to grow any plant using either hydroponics or soil. We provide unique strategies to increase yields in small areas using ScrOG and LST. We use only the best LED grow lights in our systems and do not use anything below 240watts for the flowering stage of growth. Anything below a 240watt LED grow light will provide less than adequate flowers.

Our professionally designed grow boxes come complete with hydroponic systems and state of the art reflective material. Our grow box models use specially designed scrog nets and LST shelves which are guaranteed to increase yields in your grow box by over 200%. Why spend outrageous amounts of money on your favorite plant matter when you can grow your own using one of our grow boxes for a fraction of the price? Invest in growing your own!!

New to growing? Don't worry, you can email us anytime with any questions you have.


LED Stealth Grow Tent
Complete Stealth LED Grow Tent
Regular price: $759.00
Sale price: $648.00
PC Grow Box Flower Box LST
Huge PC Grow Box, our #1 seller of all time.
Regular price: $389.00
Sale price: $299.00
Little Woody Hydroponic Grow Box
Wood Grow Box with many customizations. Best seller of 2010.
Regular price: $320.00
Sale price: $249.00
PC Grow Box
Innovated PC Grow Box has many options and customization.
Regular price: $299.00
Sale price: $249.00
Complete PC Grow Box System
This system enables you to harvest faster, hold clones, breed strains, and much more!
Regular price: $699.00
Sale price: $599.00
Seedling and Vegetative Box
Dual chamber seedling and vegetative grow box utilizing two glow panel 45s
LED 'Sea of Green' Grow Box System
The ultimate LED growing machine
Regular price: $899.00
Sale price: $729.00
Strategy Grow Box System
Dual chamber LED XXL Grow Box. 69" H x 25" L x 19" W
Regular price: $1,499.00
Sale price: $899.00
Skunk Systems Model 1
Introducing the Skunk Systems Model 1 top of the line grow system using only quality parts!
Regular price: $1,985.00
Sale price: $1,398.00
Stealth Grow Dresser
Unique stealth grow chamber with powerful 240w BlackStar LED grow light
Regular price: $1,179.00
Sale price: $889.00
Grow Your Own!!